Vincenzo Ercole Salazar Sarsfield

Global Head of Italian Infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ANCE

Italian senior diplomat with 25 years of experience in economic governmental relations and strategic investments in over 40 countries in all continents, and particularly in the MENA region. Currently, Global Head of Italian Infrastructure Industry for both the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Italian Contractors’ Association (ANCE – with euro 130 billion of works and concessions in over 100 countries). Vincenzo enhances the participation of Italian companies in worldwide major infrastructure projects, by regularly meeting with Heads and Ministers of Foreign Governments, Chairmans and Chief Executive Officers of international conglomerates. As Chief Organizer he has been leading, in the last thre years, 30 economic missions in 25 countries, effectively assisting 80 companies in establishing or expanding their business abroad, creating joint ventures with local counterparts and dealing with critical issues with national Governments.
He has been appointed Italian MFA Head for Belt and Road Initiative to favour alliances between national companies with chinese conglomerates and local firms to carry on complex projects. He is a frequent speaker at economic conferences in Italy and foreign countries, mainly focusing on investing in infrastructure.
He served as board member of various profit/non-profit organizations, among them the National Interagency Committee for Financial Support to the Internationalisation of Italian companies (SACE/SIMEST) which invests in equity in high performing national enterprises. He conceived and co-implemented the Italian Government platform www.infomercatiesteri.it to help national firms to make business in foreign markets.

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