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Sait Akman

Co-Chair T20 TF 3; Director, G20 Studies Center, Tepav, Turkey

Mehmet Sait Akman has served as academician on international trade and EU studies at Marmara University in Istanbul. He is currently a senior research fellow in Centre for Multilateral Trade Studies at Turkish Economic Policy Research Institute (TEPAV), a leading policy think-tank in Ankara, Turkey. Mr. Akman holds a PhD in Economics of the EU (Marmara University), Istanbul; LL.M degree (London School of Economics). He has been a visiting researcher at European University Institute, Florence and LSE, London. His PhD thesis is titled ‘Political Economy of Protectionism and the WTO: A Public Choice Approach to Trade Policies in the EU and the US’. He has taught extensively on European integration and international trade issues in several Universities including Marmara, Galatasaray, Ankara and Başkent. He is an adjunct professor on trade policy at Bahçeşehir University. He is an academic consultant to WTO/ITTC training activities for public officers in the CEECAC region. He has been a member of the editorial board of Journal of International Trade and Diplomacy and Uluslararası Ekonomi ve Dış Ticaret Politikaları. Akman currently serves as rapporteur to the taskforce on ‘Global Trade and Turkey in the 21st Century’ set up by Global Relations Forum (GIF).

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