Forum on Climate Change 2022


Noura Mansouri

Research Fellow, KAPSARC

Noura Mansouri is a Research Fellow at KAPSARC, a Research Affiliate at MIT, and an Expert at the WEC. She served as the (lead) Co-Chair of T20 Task Force 2 on Climate Change and Environment/Sustainable Energy during both the Saudi and Italian G20 presidencies. Dr. Mansouri has over 18 years of research and professional experience, including working for the Center for Global Energy Studies (London), and the French nuclear company AREVA. She earned her MBA and Ph.D. degrees in sustainability and energy transitions from the University of London. She is the author of the book Greening the Black Gold: Saudi Arabia’s Quest for Clean Energy. Dr. Mansouri completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at MIT. She served as a member of the Zayed Sustainability Prize Review Committee for 2018 and the Selection Committee for 2019-2022, and received the 2015 Women Excellence Leadership Award. She has many publications on climate change and sustainable energy transitions. Noura is a founder and board member of the Saudi Association of Energy Economics.

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