Marcello Minenna

Director, Italian Customs Agency

Marcello Minenna (1971) is a civil servant and economist expert in Mathematical Finance, currently Director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Previously he was head of the Quantitative Analysis and Financial Innovation Unit at Consob and chair of the CEMA MiFID2 Task Force at ESMA. He authored several publications, including:

  1. The Incomplete Currency, published by Wiley & Son (2016) with a foreword by Romano Prodi, where he analyses the Eurozone architecture and highlights its critical features and the possible solutions thereto;
  2. A Quantitative Framework to Assess the Risk-Return Profile of Non-Equity Products, published by Riskbooks (2009), where he illustrates a set of probability indicators in order to measure financial products’ risks based on the Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing;
  3. A Guide to Quantitative Finance, published by Riskbooks (2006), a basic scientific text on stochastic finance.

He regularly contributes articles on topics of finance and macro-economy to the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Il Sole 24 Ore.

He is Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

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