T20 Forum on Digital Transformation


Juwang Zhu

Director, Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government, UN DESA

Mr. Juwang Zhu is currently Director of the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government/DESA. This is the second time he coordinated the work of the Division: he served as its Director in 2014-2015. Among his various assignments at the UN Secretariat, he served as Chief of the Office of the Under-Secretary-General/DESA (2008-2013). He was Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). As Director of the Division for Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2019), he coordinated the Secretariat support for the High-level Political Forum, the UN Ocean Conference, and the Global Sustainable Transport Conference. Prior to his reassignment to DESA in 1993, Mr. Zhu had previously worked as a policy analyst in the secretariat of the UN World Food Council and in the UN Office in Geneva. He joined the UN Secretariat in 1985.

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