Giorgio Mosca

Director, Security & Information Systems, Strategy & Technologies, Leonardo Security and Information Systems Division

Giorgio Mosca is Director Competitive Analysis, Strategy and Technology in the Security & Information Systems Division of Leonardo, a major multinational Aerospace, Defense & Security Group. He began his career in 1991 as Head of ICT for Foreign Subsidiaries and from 1996 he became Corporate Industrial Controller for the International Division of the Company. He coordinated the innovation and business development for digital appliances and services in a major household goods’ Italian-based multinational, working as the CEO of a startup business in the home automation and safety sector. Mr. Mosca joined Finmeccanica in 2004, where he held the positions of Group CIO and Senior Vice President Group Purchasing and ICT in the Group’s Shared Services Company. In 2009 he moved to one of the Group’s OpCos where he assumed the role of VP Business Development and Marketing through several mergers’ phases, eventually working on the strategic process that led to the perimeter of the current Division.

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