Emaddedin Badi

Advisor for Libya, DCAF

Emadeddin Badi is a scholar and independent consultant who has worked with multiple development and international organizations in the fields of research, political risk, development, policy and capacity building. He specializes in governance, post-conflict stabilization, hybrid security structures, security sector reform and peacebuilding.

From 2015 to 2018, he gained hands-on experience programming the conflict-sensitive implementation of a flagship stabilization initiative implemented across Libya for UNDP.

He is currently a Senior Analyst at the Global Initative Against Transnational Organized Crime and an Advisor for Libya at the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance.

Emad is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Middle East Program at the Atlantic Council, where he focuses primarily on U.S and European policies towards Libya and the wider geopolitical implications of the conflict.

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