T20 Summit


Angel Gurría

Secretary-General, OECD (2006-2021)

Former Secretary-General of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) since 2006, Angel Gurría firmly established the Organisation as a pillar of the global economic governance architecture including the G7, G20 and APEC, and as a reference point in the design and implementation of better policies for better lives. He broadened OECD’s membership with the accession of Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estonia, Israel, Latvia and Slovenia, and has made the Organisation more inclusive by strengthening its links with key emerging economies.  Under his watch, the OECD led the effort to reform the international tax system, and to improve governance frameworks in anti-corruption and other fields. He also heralded a new growth narrative that promotes the well-being of people, including women, gender and youth, and scaled up the OECD contribution to the global agenda, including the Paris Agreement  on Climate Change and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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