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North Africa 2030: What the Future Holds for the Region

More than ten years after the “Arab Spring”, the turmoil that swept across North Africa has taken many forms. But the Arab uprisings have also brought about a surprising amount of “more of the same”, as the problems that plagued the region have not gone away.This report, produced in collaboration between ISPI and the Atlantic Council, looks at the future of the region by asking: what will North Africa be in 2030? Which direction could the region as a whole, and specific countries, take? And what are the implications for Europe and the US? 

This Report is published in collaboration with Atlantic Council






Frederick Kempe, Giampiero Massolo


1. Political, Economic, and Security Challenges in North Africa
Yahia H. Zoubir, Abdelkader Abderrahmane


2. Governance in North Africa: Taking Stock for Future Change
Guillaume Biganzoli, Pietro Gagliard


3. Managing Climate Change and Mapping an Energy Transition in North Africa
Aldo Liga


4. North African Cities: Actors for Sustainable Development or Sites of Imported Urban Visions?
Hannah Abdullah, Karim Elgendy


5. A New Demographic Opportunity Approaches: Will North Africa (Again) Fail to Catch It?
Nader Kabbani, Nejla Ben Mimoune


6. Regional Cooperation and Permeability to External Influence
Shlomo Roiter Jesner, Jay Mens


Armando Sanguini, Karim Mezran, Alissa Pavia


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