Meddling or Helping? Foreign Actors in the Sahel

Meddling or Helping? Foreign Actors in the Sahel


Over the past decade, the security crisis in the Sahel exposed the region’s extreme political and developmental fragilities. From the very beginning, the security scenario was made all the more complex by the interests and interventions of a range of diverse external players, from multilateral actors to individual countries from outside the continent with an established or emerging role in the area. While some such foreign actors take part in joint initiatives, others have turned the Sahel into a terrain for their rivalries.

Against the backdrop of growing global tensions and fierce geopolitical competition, how is the role and the presence of external powers evolving in the Sahel? What differences are there in their interests, approaches, and achievements? Ultimately, are the interventions of external actors helping or hindering the prospects for the stabilisation of the Sahel?


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